Isabela Merced Confesses to Having a Secret Stan Account on IG

Like many artists, Isabela Merced refuses to let a quarantine squash her creative spirit! Though we may be all stuck at home, that's no excuse for musicians to not keep releasing a steady flow of new content for us hungry fans to devour! Which is why, when it came time to film a music video for her new single "apocalipsis" off her debut EP 'the better half of me', Isabela got creative and used the resources available to her -- namely, her bedroom! Young Hollywood catches up with the multi-talented star via Zoom to see how she is staying sane during these interesting times, which apparently includes a lot of impulse-buying online, and what a typical Day In The Life for her consists of these days. She also scoops us on her dream collabs, her nighttime alter ego, and her obsession with true crime podcasts, plus she teases us about all her many, many IG accounts!

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July 15, 2020 | by Young Hollywood