Get In Shape Like a Boss with @JustTrain Ron "Boss" Everline

We might be in the middle of a quarantine and can't get to the gym as much as we like (if at all) these days, but that is no excuse for not working on your fitness, according to Hollywood trainer Ron "Boss" Everline! Pretty much any place, any time, anywhere can be turned into a gym with the right tools and attitude! Young Hollywood catches up with the Boss himself, whom you might know on Instagram as @justtrain, at his L.A. gym where he trains the likes of Kevin Hart, A$AP Ferg, Diddy, and many others to find out more about his methods and favorite exercises you can do from literally anywhere! He fills us in a bit on his journey from the NFL to owning his own fitness empire and how the mental game is just as important as the physical one, plus he reveals to us the one piece of equipment in his gym that he can't live without!

September 15, 2020 | by Young Hollywood