Behind The TikTok with CLUBHOUSE Co-Founder Charly Jordan

TikTok collectives are becoming more and more trendy these days, with individual TikTok stars coming together to form TikTok supergroups with maximum viral potential, all living under one roof as literal "houses". One of our new favorites is the CLUBHOUSE (@theclubhousebh), made up of influencers from all corners and platforms on the internet. Young Hollywood catches up with one of the co-founders of CLUBHOUSE, Charly Jordan, via Zoom to get all the scoop on life in the group with her housemates. Coming from more of an Instagram background, Charly explains how her style and content has adjusted and other behind the scenes deets, like her favorite part of the house to chill, her favorite dances and filter, how group videos typical come together, and more! Plus, enjoy a cameo from a very special fur-friend!

August 09, 2020 | by Young Hollywood