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YouTube Star Bethany Mota Announces New Book!

Written by KJ Sadural. Published: October 18 2016


“This is by far one of the hardest secrets that I’ve ever had to keep from you guys!” Well, guess what -- the secret is out! Bethany Mota announced an upcoming project on her latest YouTube video, a book titled Make Your Mind Up, and there are plenty of reasons to be excited!


We all know Bethany for her style -- after all, she’s been featured in Vanity Fair and even designs her own clothing -- and Make Your Mind Up is going to feature some of Bethany's personal “style hacks” to share with her fans.


On top of all the fashion tips, Bethany is going to be sharing some personal stories. She’s been uploading videos to YouTube since she was 13 years old, and now that she’s learned a lot, she’s ready to share some of her own experiences that her readers can learn from, including some her fans might have never heard before!




Time Magazine has called Bethany one of the most influential people in entertainment. Bullying and self-worth are ongoing issues that people are confronted with everyday, and seeing how Bethany was able to overcome those obstacles and become a positive influence to people around the world is nothing short of inspiring. We’re absolutely thrilled to read about self-empowerment through Bethany’s own words. Make your mind up and pre-order your copy of her book now!



- KJ Sadural, YH Contributing Writer