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Wear Whatever, Whenever: 3 Fashion Rules Meant To Be Broken!

Written by Paige Pfeifer. Published: March 18 2024


Everyday is technically a day after Labor Day, including the day right before it. That’s kinda the whole point of annual holidays, and I feel the need to take a stand. Rules on what people should and should not wear, and when they should and should not wear certain things, are completely irrelevant now, much like fax machines or theme parks. Here are some of the worst ones that I encourage you to break immediately!


1. Don’t Wear White After Labor Day

I feel so strongly about this rule that I’ve now brought it up twice. When does the period of “after Labor Day” end exactly? We’re stuck in an endless cycle of Labor Days, one following the other, following the other, following the other, that nobody asked for. Should we just never wear white? Of course not. It’s a staple; wear white whenever it feels right (in an alternate world, this is my campaign slogan for Fashion Club President). This rule might as well be barring the color on days ending in -y for how impractical it is.


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2. When It Comes To Jewelry, Less is More

I abhor a singular statement piece, pulling all of the attention like the sun forcing the planets to revolve in its orbit. It gives permission for the rest of the outfit to be boring, under the pretense that it's letting the statement piece shine. Jewelry, especially, should be interesting. Accessories were made to be fun and add texture to an outfit; don’t water down their purpose because of some arbitrary, stringent rule designed to make the world more uniform. 


Wear weird, chunky rings and beaded necklaces that look like a 4th grader strung them together (they’re in right now, anyway).


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3. Don’t Mix Prints

Sorry, but mixing prints is one of the coolest things you can do when getting dressed. This rule has been broken and beaten to a pulp in recent years, as it should have been, but I’d like to accentuate its sheer stupidity anyway. It’s so much more interesting to look at an outfit that incorporates a color-block sweater, striped pants, and an animal-print coat than it is an outfit that’s polkamdots all the way down (or plaid, or floral, or, or, or...). Things that clash draw the eye, and sometimes go better together than two items that pair nicely.


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Take risks, be bold. Wear your sandals with socks. Combine a bold lip and a bold eye! Maybe next you’ll run with scissors. Not recommended, but innovative, sure.