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5 Ways To Incorporate Summer Fashion Trends Into Your Fall Wardrobe!

08-31-2022 by Tiara Brownie

  ( © Christian Vierig/Getty Images)  


It's official. Hot Girl Summer is almost over. Fall is approaching soon, but don't worry -- with a new season comes new fashion trends. And you can most likely mix some of your favorite old Summer pieces with new Fall wardrobe items. So, it's like you'll still have a piece of Summer with you. We have you covered; goodbyes don't always have to be bittersweet!


Let’s look at some wardrobe pieces you can put a unique twist on with some Summer accessories/pieces!


1. Cowboy Hat

I’m sure you’ve seen cowboy hats paired with a cute cow print bikini bathing suit on your Instagram feeds this Summer, but what about pairing the versatile hat with some leather pants or jeans and a cute sweater or blazer for the Fall? If you want a more western look, you can go all out by wearing a long leather trench coat. You can also add some boots, whether thigh-high or boot cut, to compliment the outfit and make it look complete.

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2. Crop tops

Who doesn’t love a good crop top in the Summer? But what about wearing this everyday go-to top in the Fall? This simple outfit is perfect for pumpkin-picking, a mall date with friends, or a quick Starbucks run. You can easily pair it with a leather jacket or button-up flannel shirt to stay warm in the crisp Autumn weather.

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3. Leather Skirt

Whether short or long, you can wear a leather skirt all season long. In the Summer, you’ve most likely seen this piece paired with some sandals and a cute Summer blouse, but did you know that you can wear a leather skirt in the Fall with a nice thin turtleneck and cute jacket or blazer? And to dress up the skirt even more (and keep your legs warm), you can wear some tights or leggings.

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4. Blazers

Not only can you wear blazers in the Summer with a pair of cut-off denim shorts and sandals, but you can wear also wear this versatile piece, whether oversized or form-fitting, in the Fall with some slacks, leather leggings, and a sweater/blouse underneath — the perfect outfit for business meetings or everyday activities.


5. Sheer Scarves

Whether you want to use a sheer scarf to wrap around your neck or use it as a wrap for your hair, you’re sure to make a fashion statement with this piece. You can also use the scarf to dress up your bag handle or pair it with some of your favorite Fall boots and a cozy sweater.


Which fashion trend will you be sporting this upcoming Fall? And what Fall trend do you think we should say goodbye to?