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5 Retro Trends the Kardashians Should Bring Back So They'll Be Cool Again!

Written by Taylor Carter. Published: February 20 2017


Say what you will about the Kardashians, but one thing we all can agree on is that their influence on fashion and pop culture is monumental. For example, the Kardashians are single-handedly making wearing sweatpants in public stylish, which is great in our books! Now, casual pajama food runs in between Netflix movies is a  "bold style choice", instead of "sad and pathetic". Here are some more trends that the Kardashians should use their celebrity magic powers to make popular once again!


1. Crimped Hair

I never got rid of my hair crimper, even when teens and celebrities alike dubbed the hairstyle “over”; I always not-so-secretly hoped the style would come back. Curled hair can be so boring; we need to switch it up. If anyone can rock this look, it’s Kendall Jenner, and we think she’d kill it.


2. Butterfly Clips

Not only are butterfly clips fun, but they are also perfect for hiding fly-away hairs. They may be too sweet for Kylie’s edgy style, but Kourtney could easily rock this trend, sending everyone in a frenzy looking for their old clips from elementary school ["or college, ahem." - Katie M., YH Editor]. Urban Outfitters currently sells them, so there’s hope for this trend’s iminent comeback.


3. Blow-up Chairs as a Bold Decorating Choice

In the era of Limited Too and Lizzie Mcguire, blow-up chairs were a necessity for a hip bedroom. They came in fun colors and were easily compactable, making them a stylish decorating trend. Now, they are simply a childhood memory. All we need is Kylie to start selling them on her ever-expanding website, and they can be back in our rooms and in our hearts.


4. Colored Lens Sunglasses

These are already making a significant comeback, with Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid rocking them, but it’s still too soon to declare this early-2000s trend officially resurrected. I firmly believe once Kylie or Kim rock these while running to their car in New York, the fun accessory will be back in action. Until then, you can stay ahead of the curve and buy some anyway, like Selena did.


5. Small Shoulder Bags/Purses

Now some might say these aren’t necessary, because clutches are in style and they are much more chic in appearance. However, clutches are meant to be, well, clutched. These tiny handbags have shoulder straps, making them more convenient to carry. They just need to be large enough for an iPhone to easily fit in and then they are perfect.


Let the Internet campaigns begin!


(Image via Judy Eddy/WENN)


- Taylor Carter, YH Contributing Writer