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Tour Blog: Michael Buble

Written by . Published: June 29 2010
Granted, there’s almost no place I’d rather be than on stage performing for 15,000 of my closest personal  friends – something I do most nights of the week.  
But that leaves lots more hours in the day and night while I’m on the road.  I’ve just finished up performing all over Europe, and I knew I didn’t want to get back and not at least have experienced the different cultures in some of these beautiful cities where the tour stopped.
I kind of feel like I have two families at this point – first there’s my regular family: parents, grandparents, sisters, and close friends in Vancouver.  I have all the same friends that I’ve had since I was five years old. My fiancéeLuisanaLopilato, travels with me when she’s not acting back in Argentina. I also  have different family members come out and visit me – all of which prevents me from getting too homesick.  When I’m in Vancouver, I’m happy to just lounge about, have my grandma cook for me. And by the way, there was no meal in Italy that was better than what grandma makes for me - no disrespect to all the fine Italian chefs.
Then I have my touring family: the band, the technical people, and everyone who contributes to putting the show together. We take our backstage ping pong matches very seriously.  It gets a little violent sometimes... So, when I’m on the road, I miss my Vancouver family, but when I’m back at home, I miss my touring family.
But back to my European travels. I kind of like relaxing in my hotel room, but I also like to go out and explore . There’s  often strange men with cameras waiting for me, which makes a quiet stroll slightly difficult.  I think one of the places I loved the most was Antwerp, Belgium. But just  having a wonderful meal with Lu and going back to our room and renting a movie is my idea of the perfect evening when I’m not on stage.  I’m kind of a homebody. Maybe I make it look really easy on stage, but I take my job seriously, and that means getting rest, training like an athlete, and eating right. But I often wonder whether it’s possible for grandma to FedEx me some meatballs now and then.  
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Michael Bublé is a Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter originally from Burnaby, British Columbia. All four of his studio albums have gone Platinum, and he has just kicked off the U.S. leg of his "Crazy Love" tour. More info and tour dates can be found at www.michaelbuble.com/tourdates