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The Best Places To See Live Comedy In Your City!

Written by Joshua Dittrich. Published: August 27 2023


As more and more streaming services continue to produce and release full-length stand-up specials, it can be very easy to get your funny fix from the comfort of your own home. While enjoyable, it is also important to consume comedy in the way it was intended: live, usually in a basement with a two-drink minimum.


Comedy is an art form designed to be seen in-person, with improv, crowdwork, and the community all being integral parts of the stand-up experience. Laughter is universal, and it is much more enjoyable when you are surrounded by others laughing. Also, a Netflix special features one comedian with one perspective and point of view, while a typical show at a club features 5-8 different comics, all of whom have lived different lives and will tell different jokes and stories. This adds diversity to the show and makes the audience experience that much better.


But where can we see these live shows? We're glad you asked! In order to streamline your comedy experience, we have compiled a list of some of the best comedy clubs in 12 major cities across the United States. Don’t see your city on there? A quick Google search should help you get started. Now, enough reading -- go catch a show!




New York City, NY

Comedy Cellar - Stand Up

Gotham Comedy Club - Stand Up

St. Marks Comedy Club - Stand Up


Boston, MA

Wilbur Theater - Stand Up

Laugh Boston - Stand Up

Nick’s Comedy Stop - Stand Up


Washington, DC

DC Improv - Stand Up

Capital Laughs - Stand Up

Comedy Club DC - Stand Up




Los Angeles, CA

Laugh Factory - Stand Up

Comedy Store - Stand Up

Hollywood Improv - Stand Up


Seattle, WA

Laughs Comedy Club - Stand Up

ComedySportz Seattle - Improv

Comedy Underground - Stand Up


Portland, OR

Helium Comedy Club - Stand Up

Kickstand Comedy - Improv

Curious Comedy Theater - Improv and Stand Up




Chicago, IL

Second City - Improv

Laugh Factory Chicago - Stand Up

Zanies - Stand Up


Minneapolis, MN

Comedy Corner Underground - Stand Up

Acme Comedy Company - Stand Up

House of Comedy - Stand Up


Austin, TX

The Creek & Cave - Stand Up

The Paramount Theatre  - Stand Up

Esther's Follies - Improv, Stand Up, Sketch 




Atlanta, GA

Laughing Skull Lounge - Stand Up

The Punchline - Stand Up

Uptown Comedy Corner - Stand Up


Nashville, TN

Zanies Nashville - Stand Up

Third Coast Comedy Club - Improv and Stand Up 

The Comedy Bar - Stand Up


Miami, FL

Villain Theater - Improv and Stand Up

Just The Funny - Improv and Stand Up

Miami Improv - Stand Up