“The Bachelor” Recap: Episode 3 - Another Installment of a Steamy Novella!

01-19-2021 by Riddhi Chopra

  ( © ABC)  


We’re finally venturing deeper into Matt James’s journey on Season 25 of “The Bachelor”. The leading man, who fans are realizing bears an odd resemblance to The Incredibles character Frozone, is connecting with more and more women and the drama is getting increasingly intense. After only 3 weeks in, last night’s (January 18, 2021) episode was not lacking any theatricals.


Here are the highlights from Episode 3 of Matt’s journey!


1. Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: A Group Date Saga

10 girls are chosen for the first group date of the week, which Matt admits he had no hand in planning. The women are taken to a lounge-like room and meet "Bachelor" franchise alum, Ashley Iaconetti, who reads them an excerpt from Chris Harrison’s (Yes! That Chris Harrison) erotic novelThe Perfect Letter. The date’s activity is for each of the girls to write their own intimate love-making scene with Matt and, to add even more awkwardness, read out the creative writing in front of Matt and the rest of the women of the house. While some explored their imagination with sentiment and love, others did not hesitate to add explicit racy details, which the producers sadly or thankfully (YMMV) censored and spared us the particulars.




2. The First Heartbreak

At the group date’s after-party, drama arises when Sarah(from last week’s one-on-one date) crashes the girls’ quality time with Matt to steal him away and talk. She reveals that she is struggling to accept the fact that, despite their special connection the week prior, he is also dating other women and possibly developing a connection with them. The original 10 women are furious that Sarah would take away their dedicated time with Matt.




The following day, when Matt arrives for his next date, he goes to Sarah’s room to check on her, much to the dismay of the rest of the girls. He assures her that he has deep feelings for her and wants her to stay strong throughout this process. Sarah continues to stay in her room, avoiding her housemates’ impending wrath. When she finally heads downstairs to the group, she is immediately attacked with accusations, criticism, and blame from many of the women. Overwhelmed with the hostility, she makes the tough decision to leave the show and go home. She stops by Matt’s residence to say her goodbye, and he is seen to be heartbroken as he tries to convince her to stay but to no avail.




3. A Countryside Romance

The one-on-one date for this week was awarded to Serena P., who approached their time together with cheerfulness and enthusiasm, stating that she merely wants to see if the couple is compatible. They go horseback riding through the Pennsylvania countryside and make a cheese board afterwards. The two have an open and honest conversation about their past relationships and what love means to them and finish off the night with a relaxing dip in the hot tub (which, if one looks carefully, is the same portable hot tub that has been used before in this season already).


To add to the heat from this week, the preview for next week’s episode sees 5 new wild card entries to crowd the room even more. As Matt loses a frontrunner and is left with 17 of the original girls, we see the beginning of a tough competition for the rest of the women.




Stay tuned for next week!