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7 Great Television Series With 10 Seasons or More to Binge-Watch

Written by Rachel Rosenfield. Published: January 17 2024


It is always nice to relax and watch a new television series. You can dive into a whole new world with rich characters and fascinating plotline. However, before you know it, the series ends and you have to find another series to dive into. It is an ongoing process that feels like an endless cycle. It might be nice to not have to worry about that for a while. What if you could fully dive into a series and live in that world for days, maybe weeks on end? When you get into a really long television series, you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite characters so quickly and this world can continue being exciting and new. Watching a really long television show can be a fun journey to go on. They were able to last so long because the public kept watching, which means the series must have some good qualities. These television series have 10 seasons or more and can be your next choice for binge-watching!


1. "Grey’s Anatomy" (2005-present)

Doctors are some of the hardest-working people out there. They work tirelessly to save people’s lives and make sure that they can be as healthy as possible. However, underneath their heroic actions, there may be a lot of personal drama being dealt with right in their own hospital. The series "Grey’s Anatomy" shows what happens in the hospital with patients but also a lot of what happens when the patients are in another room. In this Seattle hospital, the doctors are dealing with a lot of drama from each other, whether it be feuds or dramatic relationships. Anything can get these doctors in trouble and all out of sorts. They try not to let their emotions get in the way of their work, but sometimes the problems can be impossible to ignore. The series recently finished its 19th season and is heading towards its 20th. There is a lot of doctor drama to get into, and due to the severity of the work, it can all get intense. Stream on Netflix, Hulu, fuboTV, and Philo.




2. "Modern Family" (2009-2020)

When life gets you down, it is always nice to have a great family in your life. "Modern Family" emphasizes the importance of a positive family influence in life. The series centers on a family divided into 3 households. There is the patriarch Jay who runs the main Pritchett household, his daughter Claire who runs the Dunphy household, and his son Mitchell who runs the Tucker-Pritchett household. They all live in the Los Angeles area, so they all can get to each other easily whenever there is a crisis. The children deal with school and crushes, while the adults deal with work and spousal disagreements. There are also some more wackier problems that end up making for great television. The series lasted 11 seasons, so viewers can see these families grow up before their very eyes. There are a lot of goofiness and laughs, but there are also many heartwarming moments that will teach you some important life lessons. Stream on Hulu, Peacock, and fuboTV.




3. "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (2005-present)

A lot of television series can be full of characters that can be your role models that you can look up to for guidance on being a good person. "It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is not one of those series. This series is about five friends in Philadelphia who constantly make bad decisions and are often very destructive. If they are not ruining their own lives, they are ruining other people’s lives. Each of their unique horrible personalities combine for chaotic group activities.The enjoyment of the series comes from the curiosity of what these characters will do next, because it will never be what you expect. IASIP has just released its 16th season and there is a 17th season along the way with an 18th season confirmed after that. This series has gotten more out-of-control as it has gone on, but that has just been part of the fun. Stream on Hulu and fuboTV.




4. "Criminal Minds" (2005-present)

Since there are different levels of crime, there are different levels of crime investigation. Some of the most fascinating work can be done at the top in the government, such as through the FBI. That investigative department is explored in "Criminal Minds". This series follows a group of FBI investigators in the Behavioral Analysis Unit who spend each episode tracking and solving different serious crimes. Each investigator brings a set of different skills that makes them top-notch, and when the team works together, there is no case that the BAU can’t solve. The series wrapped its 16th season last year, which was a rebranded version entitled "Criminal Minds: Evolution". This version was on a new network with some main characters absent. There is a 17th season, under the new name, that is slated to come out some time this year. Solving crimes is an intricate process, and "Criminal Minds" is always prepared to take viewers on that journey. Stream on Hulu, Paramount+, Pluto TV, fuboTV, and Philo.




5. "Friends" (1994-2004)

It is always nice to have a group of friends that will always be there for you. You should have friends that you can count on. While that is true for real-life friends, that can also be true for the series "Friends". This series followed an entertaining group of friends who would find themselves in all sorts of sitcom trouble. There is the miscommunication, the bad dates, and all of the squabbles that come when you spend everyday with your close friends. However, through all of these troubles, this series is about a group of friends that stick with each other through thick and thin. They lift each other up when times get tough and they show what friendship is all about. The series lasted 10 seasons, which means there is a wide variety in the types of situations that this group gets into. Not all of them are winners, but most of them have either the right amount of hilarity or the right amount of touching moments. Stream on Max and fuboTV.




6. "Supernatural" (2005-2020)

Television can often grab attention when something creepy is at play. A lot of horror can lead to a lot of intrigue. That is what made "Supernatural" a long-lasting series. This series follows two brothers, Dean and Sam, who are monster hunters that have to fight demons and possibly scarier creatures. Along the way, they meet some other interesting supernatural creatures that might not always be a total enemy. The work that these brothers do can be gory and scary, but at least the brothers have each other. A series like this could be perfect for the Halloween season, due its discussions of the paranormal. The series ended after 15 seasons, which fans felt was long enough. Horror can be an interesting genre for television, as it means that a lot of the scares connect with each other for years over time, and they can seem never-ending.Stream on Netflix.




7. "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2001-2015)

A day at Degrassi Community School is never boring. "Degrassi: The Next Generation" shows just what goes on at this high school. There is always something exciting happening. There are cases of cheating in school, cheating in relationships, fights that turn into brawls between friends, students doing or dealing drugs, and so much more. This series has a reputation of being the show that goes there. There are 14 seasons of "Degrassi: The Next Generation". For the first 5 seasons, each season represents a school year, and every season after that represents about half a school year, sometimes a little less or a little more. The characters in the first few seasons are not around in the final few seasons, but you’ll learn to find a few characters from each year that you will defend with your life. High school students may change a lot over the years, as will the technology, but at Degrassi, the one thing that never changes is the abundance of drama. Stream on Max, Prime Video, Pluto TV, and Tubi.




Happy binge-ing!