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Written by Kate Ferguson. Published: May 22 2014


Joel Havea was originally born in Australia and currently lives in Germany, where he’s cultivating his own musical expression. Joel started playing music as a part of the Havea Brothers Band when he was younger, cultivating a talent for playing the guitar, singing, and songwriting while performing alongside his brother Dave. Eventually, he transitioned into a solo artist and his personal style developed into a pop/reggae/acoustic musical blend that is unique yet feels really natural and acquainted at the same time.


His first album You Make Me Believe was released in 2012, and he went back to the studio in 2013 for work on his new EP "Strings and Wood". The Strings and Woods Tour kicks off this spring and then will be followed by a U.S. leg in the fall after touring all over Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.



As a way to connect with his fans, Joel shot and posted a documentary video on YouTube as an introduction to the EP. The quick chronicle gives some insight into the EP, with him commenting on his thoughts behind some of his songs, showing off his skills, and putting on a brief performance. The video gives a really sweet glance into his personality and the real guy behind the music, as opposed to just what the music is built to share.


The EP is a mostly acoustic record with guitar and percussion, so it sounds similar to how it would be performed live. This style is sticking close to the way he grew up playing music, but with a sensibility that has grown up with him.


The song “Going Through the Motions” demonstrates his acoustic pop talents that could fit right in alongside popular music artists but with an international edge. Close your eyes and you’ll have a hard time not imagining that you’re sitting in an intimate outdoor music venue listening to Joel live.




Keep up with Joel on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter, and his Official Website.



(Photos via James Moore)


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