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Our Favorite Moments from BTS's "Film Out" Music Video!

04-01-2021 by Tania Ortiz

  ( © HYBE LABELS/YouTube)  


Following the immense success of their hit single “Dynamite” (which is still breaking records, btw) and their history-making BRIT Award nomination, K-Pop kings BTS are back with new music this week. The septet released a new Japanese track this morning entitled “Film Out”, which will be featured on the original soundtrack for the Japanese film SIGNAL The Movie Cold Case Investigation, written in collaboration with J-Pop bandBack Number; member Jungkook took part in composing the track. Even better news, the new single will be featured in the group’s Japanese compilation album, BTS, The Best, released on June 16.


“Film Out” is an emotional ballad showcasing the fantastic vocals and deep lyricism that BTS is known for. And with this new release, the band continues to set the bar higher for the music industry because no one is doing it like BTS.




Here are three things you may not have noticed from the music video:


1. The parallel to the “Fake Love” music video

As many fans have already noticed, the “Film Out” music video has a few parallels to BTS’s past videos, one of the more prominent being from “Fake Love” when the room begins to self-destruct behind member Jin, similar to his moment in the 2018 video.




2. Jin’s storyline

Mr. Worldwide Handsome Jin is front and center in this storyline. As you watch the video, we see Jin looking into another room where his fellow members are, and he is trying to reach them throughout the video. If you’re familiar with BTS music videos, they are always packed with rich symbolism and storylines, and this one is no exception.   






3. The parallel to their labelmates TXT’s video “Eternally”

Fans were also quick to notice another certain parallel in the music video -- the scene where Jin opens a door, where he hopes leads him back to his bandmates but soon realizes that it is not a way out. This moment in the video is similar to TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s music video “Eternally”, and it’s hard not to wonder whether this was a coincidence or a hint to something else. A collaboration, perhaps?




“Film Out” is available on all music streaming platforms.