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The Best Looks From Every Episode of Netflix's "Next In Fashion"!

Written by Gabi Lamb. Published: May 20 2023
(Photo: Netflix)


"Next in Fashion", which pits upcoming fashion designers against each other in lightning-quick runway shows, is a growing sensation with the best host: Tan France from "Queer Eye". While in Season 2 model Gigi Hadid plays co-host, Season 1 saw also famous model and designer Alexa Chung in that role. Tan, Alexa, and Gigi certainly top the charts in iconic fits of the show, but here we focus on the designers, and bring to you the best look from each episode of "Next in Fashion", all now available to stream on Netflix!






Episode 1: Claire and Adolfo

This was not necessarily the favorite look from the judges, but the glittering mesh and lavender lacing looks like something Kate Moss herself would wear in the '90s. Besides, the dominant hot pink look has been so oversaturated that maybe it’s time for its subdued sister purple to take the limelight. We love the metallic details of Claire and Adolfo’s red carpet ensemble, and the simple makeup lets the dress really pop.




Episode 2: Claire and Adolfo

A consecutive double-slay is near impossible, but Claire and Adolfo delivered. The '70s inspiration, that gorgeous green, and the impeccable tailoring are everything. Especially slayful is the utilitarianism of the menswear vest and that gorgeous collar in the womenswear.



Episode 3: Angelo and Charles

Big yes to the pearls and a big yes to the culottes. Angelo and Charles pull off a suit that’s relaxed but flattering, sharp but unique. The billowing sleeves and white barely-off-the-shoulders undershirt, is crisp and somewhat undone. Not your most traditional suit, but maybe better than any traditional old suit.




Episode 4: Carli and Daniel

A varsity vest. Leather. The red fur collar moment. The moto pants and leather jacket that Carli and Daniel bring to the stage are undeniable, but what is the coolest is how they subvert gender roles. In their showing, the womenswear goes sporty via varsity themes, and the menswear goes so glam via fur collar. It’s unexpected but works so well together!




Episode 5: Farai and Kiki

Forget any Victoria’s Secret angel — Farai and Kiki give a gorgeous look into high-end lingerie with their gem-encrusted ensembles. Their shiny, lux looks are sophisticated and still sexy; they highlight the figure and are done in perfectly muted, gorgeous colors.




Episode 6: Carli and Daniel

Forget runway fashion — Carli and Daniel serve straight ready-to-wear in the “rock” competition. Recalling some of the motorcycle details of their Episode 4 runway, they improve on their foundations with chaotic paneling in the menswear and the oversized womenswear jacket.




Episode 7: Minju

I never thought it was possible to actually want to be at a 1980s aerobics class, but Minju changes the game with her bright leotard, translucently opaque outer layer, and knee socks. The lavender jumpsuit meshes perfectly with complementary yellow accents, and the look is breathable yet refined. 10/10, Minju.




Episode 8: Charles

Charles provides structure, he provides monochrome, he provides absolutely bitchin'. The sunglasses, the pockets, and the waist belt show his mastery and give the cool of a general in the military category. Gorgeous.




Episode 9: Ashton

Ashton goes vintage workwear in his monochromatic denim looks. The harnesses and boots are so utilitarian, but the womenswear trousers are really what sell it. The thick waistband, four buttons, and wide legs give a classic silhouette perfectly balanced by the more hardcore shoulder traps.




Episode 10: Minju

The finale of "Next in Fashion" was comprised of 2 collections, each with 10 looks. What really took the cake was Minju’s elaborate wedding dress. The flowing headpiece and lace/sheer layering of the dress are so haute-couture, and the overall look combines elegance with some shock. It’s truly a stand-out look of the season, perfectly tailored and designed.






Episode 1: Deondré

Deondré does a streetwear take on the royalty theme of Episode 1. It’s unexpected and bold — the parachute pants and blinged-out mesh jersey stun, but the real catch is the oversized puffer vest. We all stopped and stared!




Episode 2: Megan, Amari, & Godoy

So Megan, Amari, and Godoy were on a team with Bao and James for this challenge, but they were the three in charge of this incredible orange look. The contrast of the leafy greens with the warm orange, yellows, and pinks is so tropical, and the headpiece only bumps up the "wow" factor. The bubbled tailoring of the pants is a pristine detail that shoots this outfit to the top of the pack.




Episode 3: Nigel

Nobody does streetwear like Nigel. The double patchwork denim works so well, and the yellow added for accent complements it perfectly. That fur hood is to die for, but I think we would all kill for that pair of jeans!




Episode 4: Godoy

Nothing screams childhood like a game of dress-up, and Godoy nails this look while keeping it couture. The sweetheart neckline of the dress is perfection, and the tie matching the skirt brings all the elements together. Bonus points for androgyny and unexpected pairings!




Episode 5: Nigel & Amari

Nigel and Amari are the ultimate power duo with this menswear-womenswear pairing. The looks go together perfectly, and the array of textures and patchworking effect are so modern. It’s rough-edged but chic and infinitely creative.




Episode 6: Bao

We can only wish this was our prom dress! Bao’s textural pink two-piece gown looks like it could come straight out of the Winx Club. The delicate, wing-like top and bubblegum color of the whole dress are lovely, and it takes on the Barbie pink trend with a less sleek and more romantic touch. BRB, too busy swooning!




Episode 7: Bao & Megan

Bao is at it again with the pink, and this time with Megan in tow. The black mesh works with the pink to make these swimsuits sexy and flattering. We love the chain-link top in the menswear, and in the womenswear, the cut-outs are so well-tailored. These swimsuits have both function and form.




Episode 8: Nigel

Nigel’s style only continues to develop, and here his signature patchworking gets more pattern mismatching. It’s the chicest drug-rug sweatshirt we’ve ever seen, and the knitted textures of the bag and pants add that little extra something to push this look to the top.




Episode 9: Deondré

The challenge here was two looks in one, and no one slayed this challenge like Deondré. The yellow and black is edgy and bold. The oversized jacket is pure streetwear, but when taken off, the whole outfit is a gorgeous evening look. We love the combo of shiny latex, leather, and silk.




Episode 10: Nigel

Once again, designers faced off in making entire collections for the runway — here, Nigel was the certain best. Our favorite of his collection is this 2-piece knitwear confection complete with a matching beanie and butterfly belt. We all want this in our closets ASAP!




Let us know your favorite "Next in Fashion" looks!