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Chatting With Country Singer & Actress MacKenzie Porter!

Written by Ashley Parham. Published: April 02 2024


MacKenzie Porter is an accomplished singer and actress, as well as a new mom, and her debut album Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart is set to release on April 26. We had the chance to chat with her about her upcoming debut album, her role in the highly-praised sci-fi series "Travelers", becoming a mom, and what she has planned next!


YH: You’ve been singing, playing violin, and playing piano for basically your entire life. It’s an impressive feat, and your commitment has definitely paid off! How do you think growing up in a musical family fueled your motivation as an artist? 
MP: I really have no memories where music and performing wasn’t at the forefront. Since I was 4 years old, I’ve been playing violin, piano, singing, and dancing. I think music was probably engrained in me from birth. My family put such a high importance on it and has such a love for it, I couldn't help but have a deep love for it as well. It’s always been a way for our family to come together, whether that be to just sit around the piano at Christmas time or the entire family showing up to one of my concerts. It’s where we all find the most happiness. 

YH: Between music and acting, are there any artists that have had a profound impact on you?

MP: There are so many. Some of my favorite artists are Kacey Musgraves, Julia Michaels, and The Chicks. All insane song writers. As far as acting, I’m inspired by so many. Some of my favorite actresses are Michelle Williams, Meryl Streep, and Emily Blunt

YH: Speaking of acting, you did a phenomenal job in Netflix’s “Travelers”. The show has a really compelling and unique plot. I’m not sure we’ve seen anything like it. Were you a fan of sci-fi prior to your involvement with the show? How did the show shape your view of the genre?
MP: I wouldn’t say sci-fi was one of my favorite genres to watch before "Travelers", but after working on a show like that, I have a totally different appreciation for it. My character Marcy had so much depth. I got to play many different characters within one. When sci-fi is done right, it can be one of the most creative genres in my opinion.




YH: Do you have an interest in pursuing another sci-fi role in the future? Considering your strength and versatility in “Travelers”, it would be great to see you in another sci-fi project.

MP: I would love that! I actually just started auditioning again this week after having my baby girl, so fingers crossed. 

YH: Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart is a testament to your ability to tap into your emotions. Heartbreak is never easy to move on from, but the writing process can be cathartic. Can you walk us through your mindset while creating this album? Was it hard to get so vulnerable, or did it feel liberating to let your feelings out?
MP: I love writing sad songs. It’s so satisfying for me to tap into that emotion. Maybe it’s because it’s healing to write something out on paper. I wanted this record to show the many different sides of heartbreak -- Family heartbreak, work heartbreak, first love heartbreak, and marriage heartbreak. We all experience so much disappointment in life, but I wanted this record to reflect that the reason you feel hurt is because you really loved someone or really went for something. I’ll always choose to take that risk and potentially get hurt over being scared and playing it safe. 

YH: Is there a lyric or song that has resonated with you most since completing the album?
MP: “Maybe this love could put back the parts, cuz nobody's born with a broken heart” -- those words are so true to me and my life right now. My li'l daughter is healing all the broken parts inside me. 
YH: Since country is a genre that values storytelling, it is a genre that lends well to songs about heartbreak. Are there any heartbreak anthems that have helped you through rough times? 

MP: I remember during my first breakup I listened to “What Hurts The Most” by Rascal Flatts hundreds of times. That song can still take me back there. 

YH: Congratulations on the arrival of your daughter! How is motherhood treating you? It’s a totally new experience, and we’d love to know how life has changed since Bowen has arrived.
MP: My life has done a 180 in the best way since Bowen arrived March 14th. I’ve never loved someone so much. It’s insane how protective I am of her. We are in the thick of no sleep, learning how parent, and the coziest cuddles. She adds a whole new meaning to life. I feel 100 times less selfish and just want to make my baby girl happy and proud of me.


YH: In the title track of your album, you begin the story with your own birth. The song mostly describes sad events, but it ends with an optimistic sentiment: “Yeah maybe this love could put back the parts / 'Cause nobody's born with a broken heart...” After writing this retrospective album and now becoming a mom, have you found yourself focusing more on the future? 
MP: Absolutely! All I care about now is making sure we provide the best life for our daughter. 

YH: Prior to Bowen’s arrival, you were a dog mom. How did it go introducing your fur baby to your new baby? 
MP: We had my parents watching our dog while I was in the hospital. The first night, we sent them home with a blanket Bowen had been swaddled in so our dog could get used to her smell. When we brought Bowen home, we slowly introduced them, and our pup, Willa, was so sweet. Little by little, we’ve let Willa get closer, and she’s even given her a few toe licks. Now she always has to sit with me and Bowie while I’m nursing her and guards the bassinet when we aren’t in the room. It’s so sweet.


YH: The album comes out this month! How does it feel knowing it is so close to being out in the world?

MP: I can’t wait! This has been such a long time coming. I’m so excited and a little nervous. I want people to love it as much as I do! 

YH: Once the album is released, what can we expect next from you? Between your music, acting career, and now motherhood, you’ve had some incredible accomplishments. Any plans for upcoming creative endeavors?
MP: I’m very excited to start touring again this summer! I’m also starting to audition more for TV and film. I think "busy" might be my word of choice for the next little while.


8 songs from Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart are already available on streaming, and you can listen to the rest on April 26. While you wait for the album, you can rewatch "Travelers" on Netflix!