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Kesha, Bob Dylan, St. Vincent, and More Lend Their Voices to 'Universal Love' EP!

Written by Diego Pineda. Published: April 12 2018


Times are changing and so is music. With the release of Universal Love, an EP by MGM Resorts International, classic love songs are given a new LGBTQ spin and switches its pronouns to honor same-sex couples.


With their slogan of “Love is universal. Shouldn’t songs be too?”, MGM is taking a step towards changing how love stories are told in the music industry. Though the album is meant to be for same-sex weddings, it also has a bigger purpose of uniting the LGBTQ community and celebrating them.




As the video states, some of the biggest names in music came together to reflect the love, world, and stories of LGBTQ relationships. The performers include Bob Dylan, who re-recorded “She’s Funny That Way” to be “He’s Funny That Way”. Other artists featured are Kesha with “I Need a Woman to Love Me”, Valerie June with “Mad About The Girl”, St. Vincent with “And Then She Kissed Me”, Benjamin Gibbard with “And I love Him”, and Kele Okereke with “My Guy.”


Kesha released a mini-doc and video along with her song through which she is both the singer and minister of a same-sex couple wedding in Vegas. This was her third same-sex marriage.




We are happy albums like this one honor universal love for all and provide an inclusive environment for the diversity of love and relationships that exist today. At the end of the day, songs like those in Universal Love carry powerful stories and messages that unite everyone without taking into consideration their backgrounds or sexual orientations.


With music like this, we are looking forward to seeing how artists keep on evolving to create inclusive worlds through music where everyone’s differences are celebrated. Make sure to give Universal Love a listen! It is available on all streaming platforms.


(image via kesha/YouTube)


- Diego Pineda, YH Contributing Writer