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Get Your Favorite Celebrity's Attention on Twitter!

Written by . Published: January 12 2012
Bummer. Robert Pattinson is totes not on Twitter. Or else, let’s be honest, I would send him love letters in 140 characters or less via the little blue bird DAILY. When it comes to celebrity outreach, Justin Bieber fans are the most aggressive. Not in an insulting way; it's actually quite charming to see how passionate and dedicated they are about their favorite pop star. There was a viral vigil when The Biebs canceled a show due to an illness, which is documented in his movie, Never Say Never. Twitter was flooded with "get well soon" messages for the handsome teen.
Whether you’re looking to romance a pop icon or argue with a political figure, here are some tips to getting your favorite celebrity’s attention on the Twitter...
Centralize your messages to them on topics that they are sincerely interested in. Kellan Lutz along with Ian Somerhalder use their Twitter pages for aggressive charity promotions. Maybe you have a charity or cause in common. Celebrities are more likely to respond to you regarding a charitable passion, rather than a marriage proposal.
Talk about current projects. J. Lo is probably not going to be as apt to discuss "In Living Color" as she will be to discuss her Kohl’s Clothing Line. We love you, Fly Girl!
Within the same realm -- Ask questions. Celebrities are more than people. They are products and brands. Ask about their book. Ask about their movie. Ask about their TV show. Ask about their single. Asking questions that could lead to a sale is a great way to get a response.
If at first you don’t succeed... Try, try again. Look, I only have over 60,000 followers, and on a good day, I will miss a handful of responses from my favorite people. (My Favorite People = Every single one of my followers.) I can’t imagine what people like Greyson Chance are having to deal with. Continue to communicate with them – but try to be unique in each tweet. Otherwise, you might start to work the nerves of YOUR followers! ...And we live to keep our followers happy, people!
Make them feel brilliant, wonderful, awesome. For certain celebrities, especially up-and-coming celebs, flattery will get you everywhere. So tell them why you fancy them. The least you might receive is a Retweet!
The Retweet Strategy: “Just drove 32 hours to see @JustinBieber in concert! BEST SHOW EVERRR!” Be specific in your compliments. “I LOVE YOU @JUSTINBIEBER” is exactly what the last guy said. Sometimes when someone is lacking on the proper response or way to show their gratitude, they will acknowledge you via a Retweet. Take what you can get, tweeps. You’re now being exposed to their ludicrous amount of followers.
Good luck communicating with your favorite star! They’re just a tweet away!
(Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN)
- Kinsey Schofield, YH Staff