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FilmStruck Streaming Service is a Cinephile's Dream Come True!

Written by Greg McIver. Published: April 30 2016


You’ll have to forgive me if I’m not entirely succinct in regards to the message I’m about to deliver to you because I myself was only just recently hit over the head with it (in the nicest way possible). Somewhere out there, in the vastness of everything we know, there is a thing. This thing is brilliant, beautiful, bold, and many other complimentary adjectives that may or may not begin with the word B. At least that it is what I and many others are anticipating it to be as we cross our fingers, dot our i’s and crack our knuckles in preparation for hitting all those “play”  or “select” buttons. Oh, and it has a names in case you were curious.


FilmStruck is a streaming service that will be brought to the masses by Turner Classic Movies and The Criterion Collection. Those two names should ring at least a 2 1/2 bells and prepare you for the deliciousness that is to follow. Click this link and allow images to tell the rest of the tale.


That’s right, my band of hooligans, a streaming service dedicated to bringing us classics, indies, international features, and just about every kind of rare or sought-after cinematic treat. With one click of the button, you can laugh and sing along with The Beatles in A Hard Days Night or fight alongside samurai in Akira Kurosawa’s masterpiece The Seven Samurai. And if both of those things sound too lofty, then rest assured you can view Mel Gibson soberly running over apocalyptic bikers in the original Mad Max. Yes, with the combined powers of TCM and The Criterion Collection, film fans will have access to thousands of titles and exclusive content not available anywhere else. There’s a lot of details in regards to this project and it would take a scientist to explain, but since Dr. Forrester is not available, avail yourselves of this link for more details.


Instant gratification is the name of this generation’s game, and while many examples of it may cause your eyes to implode, this is one instance that it’s potentially a cause for celebration. I’m speaking mainly to cinephiles like myself, but hell, I want everyone I know to jump on in. These films and the people who love them (me) are not in some exclusive club. They’re out there for everyone to enjoy, so take advantage of it and open yourself up a broad spectrum of experiences that you may not thought to have been possible up to this point.


FilmStruck is scheduled to debut in the Fall of 2016, so send in those email addresses and keep your eyes peeled for more details!


(Photo via WENN)

- Greg McIver, YH Contributing Writer