Easy Halloween Costumes Inspired By These 5 Scary Movies on Netflix!

Written by Alexandra Tirado. Published: October 09 2018


Buckle up, it's spooky season! Time to put pumpkin in anything and everything and decide whether you want this year's costume to be scary or hilarious (or both -- never rule out a scary laugh). There are a few horror movies that came out this year that can serve as costume inspiration this month, but if you are looking for a less obvious choice, you can take some inspiration from these Netflix scary hidden treasures (or if you, you know, wanna have trouble sleeping for the next week or so, this list is also for you)!


1. Nat -- Shutter

If you want true horror, look no further, as this Japanese horror movie is the scariest item in this list and perhaps even on Netflix. It tells the story of Tun and Jane, a couple that are being haunted by the spirit of a girl called Nat whom they accidentally ran over on their way back home from a party. The incredibly clever story is full of plot twists and revelations which makes it hard to give a full movie synopsis without giving the plot away. In general, it deals with guilt and remorse and even undying love. Plus, that scene in the staircase?! C'mon, that's true horror right there. Not only would the costume be easy, but you are wound to give serious jitters to anyone who has seen the film, and manage to spook those who haven't. 




2. The Moonlight Man -- Gerald's Game

This Stephen King adaptation is not what you would expect. After going to a house in the woods to spice up their marriage though role play, Jessie and Gerald end up in a sexual role play which has Jessie handcuffed to the bed. After Gerald dies of a heart attack in the middle of an argument, Jessie is left handcuffed to the bed and desperate to set herself free. She soon starts imagining visions of herself and Gerald's ghost that both scold her and orient her in trying to escape. She is also visited by a creepy (and I mean creepy) man at night whom she dubs "The Moonlight Man". Trapped in the realm of what is real and what is imagination, the movie takes its audience on a rollercoaster of emotions (desperation being a key one). Imaginary or not, The Moonlight Man is sure to bring real life scares in Halloween parties. 




3. The Babadook -- The Babadook

The lesson of this movie: always believe kids when they say they see monsters in their sleep. After reading her son, Sam, a book about The Babadook, a monster that tortures its victims after they become aware of his existence (you can see where I'm going with this, right?), a mother begins to realize that maybe the story isn't as fictional as she thought. Many jump scares and screams later, the image of The Babadook is still haunting and terrifying, which is exactly why it would be a solid choice for Halloween. 




4. Hermana Muerte -- Verónica

This Spanish film packs up the scares enough to have been dubbed one of the scariest films of all time. Loosely based on a true story (yup, it's one of those), it tells the story of Verónica, a girl that, after playing with a Ouija board, becomes haunted by the Devil. Although that in itself makes the movie terrifying, one of the scariest-looking characters is not even a monster -- it is nun-turned-ally, Hermana Muerte. And, even though we can all agree that nuns in horror movies are always scary, Hermana Muerte is simply terrifying with her white eyes and tough demeanor. A nun costume and contact lenses would be an easy way to complete this look. 




5. Any Character -- The Sixth Sense 

This classic movie has so much costume potential that the hardest part will be actually picking one. From ghost-seeing Cole (although you are gonna probably have to deal with people saying "I see dead people" to you all night) to the ghost of the dead woman in Cole's kitchen, you won't have a problem getting inspired by this '90s classic. 




(Image via Screen Australia)


- Alexandra Tirado, YH Contributing Writer