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Dylan Sprouse Stars In Camila Cabello's Emotional New Music Video "Consequences"!

Written by Brooke Sharland. Published: October 12 2018


I swear, Camila Cabello can do it all. Fresh off of winning FOUR awards at the AMAs this Tuesday, the “Havana” singer dropped her music video for her new single “Consequences” this week. Not only that, but it also just so happens to feature one of our FAVORITE twins, Dylan Sprouse!




Camila takes us through the seasons, as we see her walking through a park in the Fall. We see her coming across all of her best memories with her beau, Dylan -- watching him play piano, dancing around together like goofballs, sharing a kiss as she sings “loving you was young and wild and free”...  Bet then there's another shot of her and Dylan at the piano, with Dylan suddenly disappearing as she sings “loving you had consequences”...


It’s now Winter, snowing as Camila continues to walk through the park and visit her old memories. The memories start to go from tender and happy to hostile, with her supporting Dylan while he drunkenly stumbles, him seeming to be angry and pushing her away (not physically but emotionally) when she joins him at the piano. They’re fighting. He goes to grab her and she pulls away, Dylan storming off.


He’s come back, and she’s happy. She walks into her ghost memory of her old self and walks towards the memory of Dylan returning. They begin to slow dance and float up into the sky together. When they land back on the ground, he disappears again.


Now, she’s alone on a bench, sunlight starting to seep through. We see her old self in this ghost-like memory now sitting next to her, holding her hand before disappearing. Camila seems to realize everything will be all right. She takes a deep breath, stands up from the bench, it’s now spring and she walks off, ready to start fresh.


DANG, this music video from Camila is AMAZING. It really tells a story. She and Dylan work so well together and so perfectly act as a duo, showing the highs and lows of a relationship and all that can happen when you stay in a toxic relationship with someone longer than you should. You can love someone all you want, but sometimes loving them has consequences, and you have to let them go and take care of yourself. Well done, Camila and Dylan!!




(Image via Camila Cabello/YouTube)


- Brooke Sharland, YH Contributing Writer