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"Bodyguard" Is The Best New Show On Netflix!

Written by Brooke Sharland. Published: November 07 2018


You guys. After months of research and countless hours of prowling the dark depths of Netflix for a new hidden gems to watch, I have found our next obsession. It is called "Bodyguard", it stars Robb Stark, and it has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. Praise be.




To tell you the truth, it isn’t actually that hidden; "Bodyguard" is, in fact, Britain’s biggest TV hit in years, and with Netflix picking it up, it’s starting to take the whole world by storm. It’s just not the type of show I would usually choose, but wow am I glad I did. "Bodyguard" is the story of a retired soldier-turned-private security specialist assigned to protect Britain’s Home Secretary. The Home Secretary is apparently one of the most dangerous jobs in the British Government and is charge of keeping the citizens, and the country, safe. I’ll tell you this, things do not go smoothly.


Richard Madden (from "Game of Thrones" but I shouldn’t have to tell you that) plays David Budd, our titular bodyguard, with Keeley Hawes playing Home Secretary Julia Montague. This is the perfect mix of action, emotion, suspense, and Richard Madden being broody and hot on screen for 6 straight hours. We’ve got bombs and boys and politics and family and heartbreak and kids and mystery and some much-needed representation of male vulnerability. I mean really, "Bodyguard" does it all.


If you ever had any doubts, Richard Madden is a powerful fricken actor, people. I’d go so far as to endorse him on LinkedIn, the man is THAT good at his job. So there you go, I’m back to searching Netflix for a new show to watch, I hope you all take a chance on "Bodyguard". If I could watch it again without knowing what was to come I would in an instant.


P.S. – Please be aware, when they say "ma’am" (which they do a lot), it sounds like they’re saying "mom"; it’s just their accents. I was really confused for the entire first episode. Now you won’t be.




(Image via Netflix)


- Brooke Sharland, YH Contributing Writer