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Biggest Highlights & Revelations from New York Comic-Con!

Written by Sarah Osman. Published: October 14 2015


Unless you don’t have access to Internet, television, or the outside world in general, then you know that the biggest pop culture event on the East Coast just took place. Just in time for the cosplayers to test-drive their best looks for Halloween, New York City held their annual Comic-Con filled with sneak-peeks, fabulous cosplay, and exclusive panels. Here were (just a few) of the highlights from New York Comic-Con 2015:


Mark Ruffalo and Jared Leto went incognito: The latest Joker and the current Hulk decided to embrace their secret identities and wandered around the Con in disguise. Ruffalo wore what was affectionately dubbed as an “old man” mask complete with a cigar and wrinkled pug nose, while Leto donned a Rafiki mask. Leto even went as far as to pose with a cosplaying Joker. So if you were at NYCC, you may have walked right past the REAL Hulk or Joker and not even known!


Got to hide out and enjoy #comiccon2015

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Netflix and Marvel’s “Jessica Jones” premiered to audiences -- and they were thrilled! After the success of Netflix’s “Daredevil”, the king of streaming services decided to adapt another Marvel character into a TV series, this one focusing on a Marvel leading lady (it’s about time!) who goes by the name of Jessica Jones (portrayed by Krysten Ritter). After a tragic end to her superhero career, Jones decides to open her own detective agency by the name of Alias Investigations. “Jessica Jones” will premiere in its entirety on November 20, but fans got a sneak peek during NYCC, where they quickly expressed their love for the show via Twitter. The show has been described as “raw and intense” and “an incredible work of superhero noir.” I can’t wait to see the mysteries unfold! In the meantime, here is the trailer:




The CW & D.C. Comics' “Legends of Tomorrow” revealed quite a few spoilers: The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow”, which is a spinoff of “Arrow” and “The Flash”, held a panel where they revealed quite a bit about the upcoming show, set to debut in 2016. Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill), The Atom (Brandon Routh), and Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee) are the main characters, and the show will follow Rip as he travels back in time to the present day to bring together a group of heroes and villains to take on super-villain Vandal Savage. In the footage shown to attendees, the world presented is in disarray (St. Louis is destroyed!) and the hardcore team take on the baddies. During the panel, Renee revealed that Hawkgirl and Hawkeye will have a “complicated” relationship (we know which box they would check on Facebook) and that the other characters might find themselves in a few romantic entanglements. As for the character’s outfits, expect a fun mix of clothes from the 1950s and '70s, and that White Canary will definitely bust out the go-go boots. Check out some of the fabulous action in the series trailer: 




Bryan Cranston wants to take on the X-Men: It appears that, after playing the notorious Walter White on “Breaking Bad”, Bryan Cranston has gotten his taste of the evil life and he likes it. Although he is currently voicing a more pleasant superhero on the animated “SuperMansion”, he stated that he wants to take on another villain. During the “SuperMansion” panel, he revealed that he wants to play Minister Sinister, one of the nastiest villains that the X-Men encounter. In the comics, Minister Sinister is a mad scientist from the Victorian Era who likes to study the genes of mutants. Over the years, he has tried to conduct some ghastly experiments on the X-Men. This guy sounds one messed-up mister -- and I’m sure that Cranston would be the perfect person to portray him.


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- Sarah Osman, YH Contributing Writer