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Written by . Published: October 06 2017


You’ve probably heard them in commercials for YoutubeTV, Vitaminwater, or iPad Pro. Or maybe you’ve heard a few of their songs on "The Walking Dead", "Shameless", or "American Crime". Or maybe you discovered them after watching a late night or daytime talk show like "Ellen". Either way, we can’t get their song “Feel It Still” out of our heads!


So you are probably thinking… where the heck did Portugal. The Man come from?!


Well, let’s just say we had a feeling they would be a huge hit...


Back in the day, YH spoke with the band at their sold out show in Los Angeles. Now, just a few years later, they’re selling out shows and being talked about globally. Not to mention that their song has sat No. 1 on Alternative songs for 13 weeks, tying Imagine Dragon’s “Believer” for the longest streak in the top spot this year.


But why now? Well, other than just having a well-produced, catchy, throwback hook, the song’s lyrics resonate with their listeners. Their lyrics keep you emotionally connected to the song, and are lined up well with the times, with a chorus that kicks off with “Ooh, I’m a rebel just for kicks now”...




It’s been close to 17 years since the band initially formed back in the early 2000s. The group of guys originate from Alaska but relocated to Portland, Oregon, to continue their search for music success. For the past decade or so, the group has performed across the country, produced eight albums, have experienced loss and change in band members, and have had brushes with fame… until now.


So what’s next for this group??




Come November, you can expect radios and other outlets to start pushing “Live In The Moment” as the album’s next hit single, which is already off to a great start with 3 million streams on Spotify. With a solid base and experience in the industry, Portugal. The Man isn’t going anywhere.




What’s your new fave song off of their album “Woodstock?


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- Ali Reid, YH Contributing Writer