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8 Indie Bands & Musicians You Need To Know About!

Written by Daria Hodies. Published: August 25 2023


Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake,” and we honestly can’t help but agree! Music is what brings us together, feeds our souls, and heals our hearts. It also makes us break out our craziest and best dance moves, sing at the top of our lungs, laugh, and sometimes even cry. Needless to say, everyone needs a little music in their lives! I


f you guys love music as much as we do, and want to keep finding new artists to love, support, and go see on tour, look no further! We cultivated the perfect list of 8 indie bands and musicians you need to know about and will definitely fall in love with after you give them a listen! So open your playlist and get ready to add some new artists to your radar, because after you check these guys out -- we’ll for sure catch you dancing the night away at one of their shows!


1. Yam Haus

There’s nothing wrong with shaking your hips to this band’s songs!Yam Haus is a pop-rock trio from Minnesota that has tons of amazing music to be listened to! From appearing on NBC’s "American Song Contest" to selling out Minneapolis’s First Avenue concert venue, these guys always seem to be defying the laws of music, and coming up with their own set of fun and sweet sounding rules. With the talents of lead singer Lars Pruitt, guitarist Zach Beinlich, and drummer Jake Felstow, Yam Haus is constantly evolving and making music that blends pop with rock with awesomeness! Recently signed by Big Loud Rock Records, Yam Haus’s new song “Shakin’ Yer Hips” is one that needs to be danced and sung to at the top of your lungs. Check out their website to see all their latest music and upcoming Fall 2023 tour dates. We’ll definitely be at a show... or five!


2. Summerdrive

You’ll definitely catch the rush with this next band!Summerdrive is another musical trio, this time hailing from the great New York City! Splitting their time between NYC and Los Angeles, this band has a ton of eclectic and catchy songs that are perfect for driving with the windows down! With the smooth sounding vocals of Jake Stam, powerful drumming of Matt Montgomery, and groovy guitar riffs of Timothy Coakley, the self-produced band is a powerhouse of content and beautiful music that we promise is definitely worth the hype! Their latest single, "Shimmer", is a perfect pop beat that you won’t be able to get out of your head once you listen. Trust us, we’ve had it in ours ever since it was released!




3. BabyJake

He’s not your average other guy! Based in Nashville, BabyJake is a rare find, maintaining a rock 'n' roll feel to his music while still keeping it relevant and appealing to the sounds of today. Blending pop sounds and classic rock guitar riffs, BabyJake’s music has a sweetness and earthiness to it one can only describe as authenticity. His 2021 single, "Cigarettes on Patios", went viral on TikTok, followed by another two successful and great-sounding albums that have launched him into a career that we only see going onward and upward. If you’re looking for some music to rock out to in a Tom Cruise-Risky Business kind of way, then BabyJake is definitely someone you should check out!


4. Almost Monday

We only wanna dance to these guys! Almost Monday is an indie-pop trio originally formed in San Diego, California. They’ve been openers for acts such as The Driver Era andAJR and have performed at numerous festivals like Lollapalooza, BottleRock, and Firefly. Their sound has been said to be made up of feel good, funky, and danceable grooves, with their songs described as buzzing anthems with shimmery and soaring lyrics. Members Dawson Daugherty (vocals), Luke Fabry (bass), and Cole Clisby (guitar), have made each of their tracks unique and special in the best way possible, utilizing funky baselines and ecstatic choruses. Check out their Instagram for their latest tour dates and info about all their enchanting music!


5. Magic Giant

This band celebrates the reckless! Magic Giant is an alternative rock band formed in 2014 consisting of membersAustin Bisnow, Zambricki Li, andZang. Their bright and boisterous sound has propelled them to perform at festivals like Coachella as well as on "Good Morning America" and "The Today Show". Their vibrant songs are a blend of warm and stratospheric melodies and have broken the Top 40 US radio charts various times. Magic Giant writes, produces, and directs all their own music and videos and has annually thrown a music festival summer camp for their fans called Camp Misfits. These guys are warm, loveable, and are guaranteed to put a huge smile on your face every time you listen to them!



6. Annika Bennett

It doesn’t take a mad woman to fall in love with this musician! Annika Bennett is a singer-songwriter hailing from New York City with both a voice and heart of gold. She blends alternative and indie pop music with folk and acoustic sounds, making her a unique find and a performer you’ll want to keep a secret just for yourself! Her lyrics are personable and raw, ranging emotions and tugging at the heartstrings of her listeners. Annika Bennett has toured with acts like Local Natives and Sabrina Carpenter, capturing the attention of many audiences and new fans. Her latest EP, madwoman, consists of the most enticing and relatable songs that we recommend everyone listen to. We just love her!



7. Heffron Drive

Do you have a pen? You’re going to want to write this band name down.Heffron Drive was formed in 2008 by Big Time Rush member Kendall Schmidt andDustin Belt. Both originally from Kansas, the duo realized they both shared a love of music and the same street address in Burbank, California, Heffron Drive. The band mixes alternative pop with indie rock, making their sound distinct and unforgettable. Heffron Drive has released various singles, albums, and one EP, additionally touring the U.S. and Europe with their plethora of songs. The band also won Macy’s IHeartRadio Rising Star competition and opened the IHeart Festival in Las Vegas in 2018. Heffron Drive is a band we truly love and hope everyone hears!




8. The Marías

We might as well be over the moon about these guys! The Maríasare an American indie pop band from Los Angeles, California, that infuses their music with elements such as jazz percussion, guitar riffs, smoke-velvet vocals, and horn solos. Lead singerMaria Zardoya is accompanied by drummerJosh Conway, guitarist Jesse Perlman, and keyboardist Edward James. They have notably also produced and performed songs that are in a mix of both English and Spanish, and their most recent album,Cinema, was nominated for a Grammy for Best Engineered Album in the sound category. The band is most notable, though, for their formation story -- Lead singer Maria was singing at a show where drummer Josh was working sound, and after the two met, they instantly hit it off, writing music and forming the band. Talk about meant-to-be!



We sincerely hope you guys check out these artists and grow to love them as much as we do! We’ll see you at some of these guys’ shows... or all of them!