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8 Excellent International Horror Films To Watch For Halloween!

Written by Tori Raphael. Published: October 29 2023
(Photo: Red Peter Films)


Halloween is just days away and we all need some good spooky watches! If you are sick of American horror films or feel like you've seen them all, this list is for you! Here is a list of the best international horror films to watch this Halloween. These films will scare you senseless!


1. The Babadook(2014)

The Babadook is an Australian horror film about a woman dealing with the recent death of her husband and her son who is seeing a monster. This film is a well-acclaimed horror for its psychological scares, just as much as its jump scares. If you love thrillers, then you'll love this -- just don't get too scared of the Babadook!Stream on Hulu.




2. Baskin(2015)

Baskin is a Turkish horror film about a group of cops who end up going to Hell. This film is gory and full of crazy visuals. It will give you nightmares for weeks, but in a good way!Stream on AMC+.




3. REC(2007)

A late-night reporter goes to investigate a building that is on fire, when suddenly everything goes wrong. This Spanish found-footage film takes a spooky spin on the horror drama and has so many unforgettable moments. You will be on the edge of your seat!Stream on Prime Video. 




4. Train To Busan(2016)

This film is about a father and daughter who take the worst train ride of their life as a zombie apocalypse is unleashed on the train. This incredible Korean horror film is both gory and full of amazing action. Whether it's the unforgettable characters or scenarios, you will want to never step foot on a train again! Stream on Prime Video.




5. Raw(2016)

A young veterinary student who is a vegetarian has a strange experience at school and eats raw meat for the first time. This French film is both grotesque and terrifying and it'll make you never want to eat meat again! Stream on Vudu.




6. The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari(1920)

This classic German Expressionist film is horror at its best. This silent film will freak you out! The story is a staple for a reason, and its visuals are unforgettable! Stream on Tubi.




7. The Devil's Backbone(2001)

This incredible horror film from Spain, directed by the acclaimedGuillermo del Toro, is about a man from the Spanish Civil War who is being haunted by a ghost. This film is both haunting and an important commentary on politics. Stream on Prime Video.




8. Ringu(1998)

This incredible Japanese film is about people who are mysteriously dying after viewing a creeoy videotape. If you like horror and technology, this film is for you! Stream on AMC+.