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5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Glowing Through The Winter!

Written by Courtney Allen. Published: December 26 2022


We could count about 100 reasons why Summer is our favorite season of the year, but it’s time to embrace the cold. Grab your cropped hoodies, fitted beanies, and cozy sweats out of storage (or the ones you just got in the mail from Cyber Monday) because you’ll need them this Winter to keep you warm! 


But first, let’s take a quick minute to vent. Of all the things Summer gifts us with, you know what we definitely don’t want to let go of? The sweet Summer glow of our skin. It’s much easier for your skin to be moist and shiny when the weather matches it, but then the temperature drops, it dries our skin right out. But before you surrender to the next few chilly months, just know Winter doesn’t have to win! With your commitments to these daily/weekly hacks, your skin will stay in shiny shape despite the cold!


1. Wash Your Face Every Night

Wash your face every single day. Sounds super simple, right? Well, we know it’s not that easy! Especially on those early mornings and long days you’ve spent out the house, happily daydreaming about returning to your comfortable queen bed. And once you lay in it, it’s hard to even fathom getting up to do your nightly routine. Yup, we know that feeling all too well. But those are the days that count the most. Having a clean face is vital to allowing the glow to come through and keeping it all-year round.


2. Celery Juice

Celery juice is known as a cocktail for the skin, so serve it up! The superfood is loaded with key vitamins and nutrients that promote healthy skin by fighting inflammation, improving elasticity, eliminating excess oils, and firming the skin. For optimal results, it’s best to drink it on an empty stomach every morning. If you want to completely commit, think about investing in a juicer so you can easily do it from your home every day. And if you need more motivation, just look up the benefits of celery juice. It’ll literally blow your mind!


3. Exfoliate Weekly

Exfoliating is one of our favorite skin hacks, (a) because you feel results immediately, and (b) you only have to do it once a week. All that dead, dry skin you’ve built up from the cold… gone immediately. Another one of our favorite things about exfoliating? You can create a useful scrub with simple ingredients that you have at home and limit the loads of money you already spend on beauty products. Sugar, coconut oil, and olive oil will do just fine. Happy scrubbing, and rubbing your super soft skin the whole week long!


4. Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods

Antioxidants work to get you the skin of your dreams! They promote a brighter, more even complexion, eliminate fine lines, and assist with hydration and inflammation. Vitamin A, C, E, and B3 are all high in antioxidants and can be found in our favorite foods such as blueberries, strawberries, dark chocolate (YES true story), beets, pecans, cherries, plums, and dark leafy greens. Be sure to include 2 to 3 cups of these antioxidant rich foods in your daily diet. Blueberry pie, anyone?


5. Face Masks

This is the age of self-care, and face masks are the way do it while also ensuring you have glowing skin. Lemon and avocado are our go-to ingredients for brightening, while cucumber and aloe vera we use for moisturizing, hydrating, and firming. Our go-to brands are Aztez Secret, Yes To, and Elemis, but you can just as easily make face masks at home if you have more sensitive skin. One to three times a week is great for masks. Now relax and let them work their magic!