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5 Post-'Hamilton' Comfort Foods!

07-09-2020 by Andi Ortiz

  ( © Walt Disney Studios)  


Hamilton has been streaming on Disney+ for just about a week now, so be honest – how many times have you watched it? More importantly, have your emotions leveled out again yet? Because mine sure haven’t.




For as much as Hamilton teaches us about history while simultaneously just jamming out, it’s also an emotionally draining show. Just as soon as Alexander Hamilton and his friends make you laugh, they’ll make you cry too. We may never truly recover fromHamilton, if we’re being honest, but there are certainly things that can help. Like food! Food is always helpful.


Here are a few comfort foods to help you get through the post-Hamilton feels; conveniently, they can easily be worked into Hamilton tracks too, for your next themed party!


1. Pie

When it comes to comfort foods, dessert is key. For post-Hamiltonsnackage, pie has to be the go-to. It’s smaller than a cake, so you won’t feel guilty smashing the whole thing in one sitting, and more often than not, pies have fruit. Fruit is healthy. So really, this is a healthy kind of comfort food. (Don’t poke holes in this logic. Just don’t.)


And if you happen to start singing “history has its pies on you,” well, who could really blame you?




2. Chips and Salsa

Hamilton is one of those shows that will have you enraptured from start to finish. So, a snack you can mindlessly munch on through your tears is essential. And in that task, chips have always been there for us.


What’s better is that the saltiness of the chips will ensure that you have water nearby. Lord knows Hamilton tears can dehydrate you, so really, these chips – and guns…and chips… – are really helping you in the long run.




3. Pizza

It’s a good rule of thumb to always have at least one frozen pizza in the house. Pizza might be the oldest form of comfort food, and afterHamilton, it’ll certainly help fill some of the emptiness in you. It’s hard not to be satisfied after crushing a few (or, you know, eight) slices.




4. Cookie Dough

Are we technically supposed to eat raw cookie dough? No. Have we been doing it since we were kids anyway? Absolutely.


Bake it, eat it raw, it doesn’t really matter when it comes toHamilton; it’ll help you either way. Still, a word of warning: pace yourself. For as comforting as cookie dough is, it can sneak up on your stomach, just as “The Bullet” sneaks through the show. The perfect time to start would probably be Act 2. Say dough to this. Just do it.




5. Shots

No, technically shots aren’t food. But assuming you have all the foods listed above with you, your stomach will be able to handle a shot here and there. Then again, you could also take a shot of M&Ms (carefully though, so carefully). It’s whatever you’re feeling!


Alexander Hamilton didn’t throw away his shot, and neither should you. Drink responsibly!