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5 of Our Favorite TikTok Accounts To Follow!

05-24-2020 by Emily Holshouser

  ( © Presley Ann/Getty Images for dick clark productions)  


We don’t know about y’all, but Tik Toks are single-handedly getting us through this quarantine. The dances! The pets! The whipped coffee! There’s nothing not to love about this app. So we’ve rounded up some of the best accounts to follow for some QUALITY content in this confusing, weird time. Kick back, relax, and laugh with us.


1.Charli D’Amelio


As the most-followed person on Tik Tok with 57.6m followers (as of this writing), Charli D’Amelio feels like a must-have on this list. She’s an example of what makes the app popular -- young people, insanely repeatable trends, and Gen-Z fashion. We know this girl is going places!



please let me know who made this dance

♬ MINKFAM - minkbbaabyspam





Cats are an iconic part of the Internet, and TikTok is no different. This guy and his cat Chonky Boy are an ADORABLE pair, and their videos are just as cute as can be. He takes Chonk for walks! He snuggles with Chonk! Chonk just EXISTS! Chonky Boy deserves everything in this world. I hope he has everything his heart desires.



My favorite video to post and I have a spine video go viral? here is chonk being stinky for everyone who hasn’t seen.

♬ original sound - jonsbones



3.Slime ASMR

If ASMR is your thing, this account is for you. This account has soap cutting (omg yes pls), plastic (so crunchy), rubber (THE SQUISH), and all sorts of other delightfully satisfying sounds. This Starbucks slime video is particularly pleasing. If ASMR isn’t your thing, that’s fine, we’ll just indulge in our squishes over here.



Starbucks slime? Do you like Starbucks? If so, what is your favorite order at Starbucks? ##slime##foryou

♬ origineel geluid - slimeslime.ly



4.Trevor Abney


This one is some Vine-esque goodness. Trevor Abney’s recurring “4th grade me” bit is amazing -- he uses that hilarious shaky voice filter to recreate all those moments you from your childhood that you erased from your memory. Waking up your mom at 1AM to throw up! Bonding with your dad! The pure weirdness that 8-year-olds get involved in! We stan this man.



Where it all started! My very first long face video! REPOST OF PART 1 OF “MoOOOommm” ##fyp

♬ original sound - thetrevorabney



5.Brittany Broski

This list doesn’t feel complete without the absolute ICON, Kombucha Queen Brittany Broski. Her most famous TikTok is obviously this one, -- AKA The Meme That Keeps On Giving -- but all of them are amazing. She has also begun making videos on YouTube. Brittany is a gift to humanity and we hope she makes TikToks for us forever. Thank you, queen.


With a combined 21.7 followers, we couldn't do a TikTok piece without mentioning the TikTok Power Couple, Zoe Laverne & Cody Orlove! Check out their visit to the Young Hollywood Studio below!