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5 Disney Movies To Watch on a Rainy Day!

03-01-2023 by Tashi Rios

(Walt Disney Studios)


Ditch the umbrella and have a day in! Grab those extra fluffy pillows, the extra soft blankets, and sit on the comfiest couch or bed you got! You know that, when the rain hits, nothing is truly better than staying inside with hot chocolate and a good movie. It was a challenge to narrow down the best of the best, but we finally were able to list the top 5 go-to Disney movies to watch when all you need is a simple, cozy day in. Without further ado, bring on the magic!


1. Peter Pan(1953)

This first one is an absolute classic. The movie follows a free-spirited young boy, Peter Pan, who can fly and never grow up. He meets a girl named Wendy and her little brothers, John and Michael. The family gets taken to an island called Neverland that’s full of magic.Peter Pan is the best movie to watch because it offers fantasy, adventure, and is full creativity!



2. The Lion King(1994)

Another classic. The Lion King offers the story of young cub, Simba, preparing to take over the throne from his father Mufasa. But of course, some difficulties get in the way. Simba makes friends right away and learns what it’s like to be the King of the Jungle in the Circle of Life. A story so heartfelt it’s perfect for a cozy day in. You can’t forget about this iconic scene below.



3. The Princess and the Frog(2009)

A movie full of uplifting music and special romance! This film follows a girl named Tiana who works hard to open her own restaurant someday and magically turns into a frog -- after kissing one. The pair go on an adventure to find Mama Odie who is said to have the abilities to turn them back into humans. It’s based during the Roaring '20s in New Orleans and offers positivity, motivation, and great music! 



4. Lilo and Stitch(2002)

Now this movie is all about love and family. Strong-headed little girl Lilo lives off the coast of Hawaii with older sister Nani. Nani takes her to the pound to get a dog but finds something they did not expect -- an alien experiment known as 626 that Lilo names Stitch! He becomes a part of the family and does not leave Lilo’s side. The movie brings joy and a warm feeling every time it’s on the TV! "Ohana" means family!



5. Beauty and the Beast (1991)

One word to describe this movie? Enchanting. Beauty and the Beastoffers the story of booking-loving Belle who finds herself in trouble after replacing her father’s position when he got trapped in the Beast’s castle dungeon. After learning to be friends, Belle and the Beast start to fall in love, which could break the spell and return him to a human again. The castle is full of talking (and singing) objects who used to be the Beast’s servants. This film shows growth and happiness. Be OUR guest!



All of these movies can be streamed on Disney+. Which movie are you watching?