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5 Albums For Your Next BFF Road Trip!

Written by Taylor Carter. Published: March 16 2017


A successful road trip needs great friends, moderately fun car games, and, of course, killer music. For those of us who get carsick reading or watching TV in the car, music is our only form of entertainment, so its importance is immeasurable. Here are some albums that are sure to keep your road trip fun and lively, rather than boring and full of “Are we there yets”!


(warning: some clips slightly NSFW)


1. Alanis Morrisette – Jagged Little Pill

This is one of those albums that never gets old, no matter how many times you play it. As time goes on, you just get better at memorizing the lyrics. Being a staple album of the '90s, this is the perfect nostalgia-inducing record to blast at the start of the road trip. You’re on vacation! Wave goodbye to your responsibilities as they disappear in the rearview mirror and go back to a time when things where simpler, and Alanis was in her prime. It will build the excitement and anticipation of a lovely trip with your people.




2. Selena Gomez -- Revival

To get the party moving, roll the windows down and bump some Selena Gomez. Her most recent album is her best yet, and it’s extremely catchy. You can dance to it; you can sing to it, you can cry to it — it’s the whole package. Plus, it will feel like Sel herself is joining your road trip, or at least narrating the drive. Either way, it’s sure to instigate a group sing-a-long or two. If you weren’t sure how loud the car’s speakers could play, now is the time to find out.





Sure, you danced to Selena Gomez, but this is different type of dancing. You can just bop around to the fun, light beat. Plus, there’s no limit to dancing on a vacation; it’s just good for morale. DNCE’s album is full of hits you already know by heart, and some that, if you don’t know them yet, but you will be glad you discovered them. "Body Moves" is their latest single, so that’s probably a great place to start!




4. Miley Cyrus -- Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz

Miley Cyrus’s new hypnotic, electronic sound is perfect for winding down. Turn this up around sunset, when everyone starts yawning and it’s time to start taking naps in shifts. This sound is vastly different from what you are used to hearing from Miley, but in this case, different is cool and intriguing. These tracks will lull you into a peaceful sleep, but even though it’s relaxing, there are still a couple dance songs, so don’t poop out completely yet! (NSFW)




5. Chance the Rapper -- Coloring Book

Coloring Book is the perfect album to play when your body is aching from sitting so long and there are no places to stop for miles. This album will distract you from all the negative effects of road trips and get you excited again about why you’ve been sitting in the car so long in the first place. Also, you’ll be listening to it and wondering how the lyrics are so great and catchy. Chance is a genius, so go ahead and bring him along for the ride and you won’t be disappointed.




Happy Trails!


(Image via Chance the Rapper/YouTube)


- Taylor Carter, YH Contributing Writer