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15 Empowering Songs For Your International Women's Day Playlist!

Written by AnnMary Mailyan. Published: March 08 2023
(Jennifer Lopez/YouTube)


Who runs the world? That’s right -- girls! International Women’s Day is held on March 8, and on this day we celebrate all the amazing achievements of women and recognize women’s rights and gender equality!


In honor of this beautiful day, which is all about girl power, we decided to share the best empowering songs for women, which will definitely make you feel like a true queen or a goddess. These songs are all about loving, accepting, and believing in yourself, never giving up, always fulfilling your dreams, and never ever comparing yourself or competing with other women, as each of us are perfect, even with all the flaws and imperfections. 


You can create a playlist with all these amazing songs, and whenever you feel down, these artists will never fail to lift you up. Or, if you’re planning to have the coolest slumber party with your girlfriends (a big YES! to that), you can have the best karaoke night, singing these iconic songs at the top of your lungs! And don’t forget to add your favorite songs to this list as well! 


1. "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyoncé

Well, since we started this article with our favorite diva’s lyrics, it’s completely fair to start the list with it as well. Especially since it’s one of the most popular girl power songs that has a great message and a good beat to dance to.




2. "Salute" by Little Mix

Little Mix gave us not one, but many songs that would perfectly fit into this list (like "Power", "Women Like Me", "Strip", and many more). This group always been about loving ourselves and knowing our true worth. Ah, we miss these girls! 




3. "Roar" by Katy Perry

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind, wanting to start again? We know, we know, these words are actually from another great song by the beautiful Katy Perry, but it suits this one so well! It’s about finally understanding your own power and turning into a true warrior. Hear us ROAR!




4. "Ain’t Your Mama" by Jennifer Lopez

If you ever feel unappreciated in a relationship, J.Lo will come to the rescue with this banger. She will teach you to put your priorities right, smashing the old stereotypes and building the relationship with the right foundation. 




5. "Confident" by Demi Lovato

Demi asks the right questions: What’s wrong with being confident? Indeed, self-confidence is the key to everything. And if you ever feel insecure, remember this great quote: “Fake it till you make it.” Once you realize your worth, your life will completely change. 




6. "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" by Shania Twain

Let's go, girls! If you’re looking for a fun and light-hearted song that still has a deep meaning, this is what you need in your playlist! When you listen to Shania Twain’s most loved song, you just want to dance, jump around, and sing without feeling stupid, and just enjoy the moment to the fullest. 




7. "Independent Women, Pt. 1" by Destiny's Child

Where are all the '90s kids? Destiny’s Child provided us with the best and most iconic empowering songs which we still know by heart to this day. In honor of the badass trio, we would like to add two more songs to this list, as it is literally impossible to pick only one. And those are: "Bills, Bills, Bills" and "Survivor".




8. "You Don’t Own Me" by Lesley Gore

Can you believe that this awesome song came out in 1963 when Lesley was only 17 years old? That’s insane! It’s fair to say that this song absolutely deserves the title of a well-deserved veteran of feminist anthems. 




9. "No" by Meghan Trainor

All my ladies, listen up! Miss Meghan knows the best way to blow off a guy when you’re not in the mood for getting into a new relationship. The song became even more popular thanks to TikTok and all the videos made with it.




10. "That’s My Girl" by Fifth Harmony

Girls must support girls -- that’s a universal truth, and Fifth Harmony knew it! Always remember that you won’t be any less beautiful or clever if you praise and compliment other women. On the contrary, it will make you feel more confident, as only confident women will stand up for each other. 




11. "Who Said" by Selena Gomez & The Scene

This OG Disney queen isn’t afraid to break all the fake beauty standards! This song is a true gem for all those who constantly compare themselves with others and desire to become like somebody else. But who said you’re not perfect the way you are already?




12. "Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)" by Kelly Clarkson

To sum up Kelly Clarkson’s most famous song, being single doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable! Break-ups are hard, and it may take you a while to heal, but once you do, there’s nothing that can stop you!




13. "Love Myself" by Hailee Steinfeld

Did you know that “Love Myself” was Hailee’s debut single? It came out in 2015 and instantly became not only popular and recognizable but a true anthem of self-love. Now that’s how you start a singing career! 




14. "Respect" by Aretha Franklin

Another old but gold song to add to your playlist. If you don’t respect yourself, no one else will. Aretha Franklin knew this simple truth, and she’s eager to teach you that lesson in the form of this amazing, catchy song.




15. "Flowers" by Miley Cyrus

You’ll be lying if you say that you haven't sung “I can buy myself flowers” at least once since the song came out in January! Miley definitely owned this comeback, motivating everyone to appreciate the single life and taking proper care of ourselves.