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Zoe Saldana allows sons to pick clothes from girls' sections

Zoe Saldana doesn't limit her twin sons to the boys' section when shopping for clothes.

The Star Trek Beyond actress and her husband Marco Perego are parents to two-year-old twins Bowie and Cy, as well as baby Zen, who they welcomed in February (17).

When it comes to outfitting her adorable boys, Zoe has revealed she doesn't conform to gender norms and encourages them to wear whatever they like.

"My husband and I, we don't like to just stick to like the boys' section. And we like putting leggings on our sons, believe it or not," she told People.com, while attending the Victoria Beckham for Target launch party in Bel Air. "But sometimes when we can't find something that we need, we'll go to the girls' section, and we like seeing our kids, our boys, in pastel, bright pink colors, and they like it as well."

The 38-year-old added that her twins are starting to develop their own sense of style and are very interested in the kind of shoes they wear. At this stage, Bowie and Cy are particularly enamoured by any kind of colorful or sparkly footwear.

"They just choose what they want to wear," she explained. "So they have different pairs of glittery, bright pink trainers, and those are the shoes that they always choose. We get them their masculine ones. They don't like those. They want the glitter, the glitter bright pink ones, and we're like, so be it."

Zoe insists that she has no preference about what ensembles her children choose to wear, as long as they find dressing up fun and as a means of expressing themselves. She also points out that little boys' clothes are often very boring and are limited to "grey and dark" colors.

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