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Tulisa Contostavlos' sex tape leak upset Cheryl Cole

British singer Cheryl Cole was upset when a sex tape featuring her friend Tulisa Contostavlos appeared online earlier this year (12), branding the leak "sickening".

The N-Dubz star was devastated in March (12) after explicit footage, which showed her performing a sex act on ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards, hit the internet.

Contostavlos subsequently insisted the scandal had made her stronger, but Cole is angry that her friend was forced to go through the ordeal.

She tells Britain's Observer magazine, "It's just hideous. You never expect in a million years to be put in that situation. Whether or not you choose to do that, you still would never expect that to happen. It's an intimate moment with somebody I suppose you believe you can trust. It's sickening.

"To come out and say: It was me, I was 17, whatever age she was, and I was in love and everything - I think that's the best way: just face it head on, you know. I just think there should be a line drawn - just that you're a human being who goes through real things, and emotions."

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