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Taylor Swift responds to Billy Bragg's criticism of her Spotify move

Taylor Swift has denied she removed her songs from music-streaming service Spotify because of a "corporate power play" following an accusation by rocker Billy Bragg.

The Love Story singer hit headlines earlier this month (Nov14) when she removed her entire back catalog from the portal because she did not agree with the perception that music should be "free".

Outspoken singer and activist Bragg accused Swift of deceiving her fans, insisting the move she made against Spotify had nothing to do with music value and was because she had a secret deal with technology giant Google and its new free-streaming service.

He wrote to her in a Facebook.com post on Tuesday (18Nov14), "Please don't try to sell this corporate power play to us as some sort of altruistic gesture in solidarity with struggling music makers."

However, a representative for Swift has now denied the accusation, telling NME.com, "Taylor Swift has had absolutely no discussion or agreement of any kind with Google's new music streaming service."

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