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Suspect in Eddie Kaye Thomas home stand-off charged

A woman arrested after a six hour stand-off with cops at the home of American Pie star Eddie Kaye Thomas has been hit with a string of charges.

Los Angeles Police Department Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team officials were deployed to the actor's Hollywood Hills home last week (17Apr13) to investigate reports a female houseguest had barricaded herself indoors after threatening the actor with a knife.

Thomas escaped and police spent six hours trying to convince the woman to leave the house, before using flash grenades and tear gas to force her out.

Suspect Roxanna Bear, 31, has now been charged with a felony vandalism charge, along with four misdemeanours for exhibiting a deadly weapon, interference with a wireless communication device, false report of a criminal offense and resisting arrest.

A hearing into the case has been set for 3 May (13).

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