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Stars share Thanksgiving wishes to mark holiday

Justin Timberlake, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kelly Clarkson are among the stars who have shared their Thanksgiving wishes to mark the holiday on Thursday (27Nov14).

Pop star Timberlake, who is rumored to be expecting his first child with wife Jessica Biel, expressed his gratitude in a post on Twitter.com, writing, "Happy T-giving to everyone. I'm so thankful for my life and getting to do what I love so much. Eat your a**es off," while pregnant country Carrie Underwood also publicly declared her thanks, adding, "Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!!! I'll be barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen all day! So much to be thankful for! So many blessings..."

Fellow singer Kelly Clarkson shared a picture of her baby daughter River Rose, adding in a message, "Happy Thanksgiving from my little turkey head!! Thankful for my family and friends."

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar urged fans to remember those less fortunate over the holiday season, writing, "If 1 in every 5 children are at risk of being hungry in America, we need to be grateful and give back everyday, but today is a good start... Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others."

Other messages came from stars including actor Chris Evans, Blake Shelton, Mark Ruffalo and Tony Bennett, while Brits including Victoria Beckham and Ricky Gervais sent best wishes to their friends.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber also weighed in with a message, adding, "Happy Thanksgiving to my American Beliebers (fans)..."

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