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Spider-Man Garfield comes face to face with comedy imposter

Actress Emma Stone brought the new Spider-Man and her reported real-life boyfriend onto the Saturday Night Live stage on Saturday night (12Nov11) to challenge a comedian who dropped in on her hosting gig.

SNL regular Andy Samberg dangled upside down from the rafters dressed as the superhero on the show as Stone opened the comedy skit show, and insisted on auditioning for the role actor Andrew Garfield is playing in the new prequel.

As Samberg flirted with the actress, she invited Garfield to join her onstage, explaining, "We already got a pretty good Spider-Man."

The comedian poked fun at the actor's surname, confusing him with the popular cartoon cat - and then mocked outrage when he realized Stone's Spider-Man co-star is British, stating, "He's British? America is suffering record unemployment and we outsourced Spider-Man?"

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