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Snoop Dogg to throw Las Vegas birthday party for David Beckham

Rapper Snoop Dogg is planning to throw a wild party in Las Vegas for his pal David Beckham when the sports star turns 40 in May (15).

The pair has been close friends since 2007, when Beckham moved to Los Angeles, and the hip-hop star is determined to give his friend a night to remember in Sin City to celebrate the birthday milestone.

He tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "My boy David hits the big 4-0 this year and you know, it's gotta be Vegas, there ain't nowhere else it can be... You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. He ain't got to worry about (his wife) Victoria, I will speak to her and explain when a man turns 40 he needs to go away with his boys... Forty is nothing these days. We'll show we can go harder than the kids."

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