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5 Airbnbs That Will Transport You To Your Fave Film & TV Series!

Written by Hannah Shariff. Published: April 13 2024


There are some movies and television shows that we’ll never forget. Whether it's Harry Potter or Twilight that you can’t help but stan, everyone at one point has dreamed of entering their favorite fictional world. What if I told you that you could live out your fantasies as the certified main character IRL? With the help of Airbnb, you can book the house or apartment from your favorite media IPs. Here are a few to consider for your next vacation! 


1. Tony Stark’s Cabin

Marvel fans, rejoice, because the lakeside cabin that Tony Stark and Pepper Potts retired to is available for a quick stay! The cabin includes featured items from the movie, including Morgan’s tire swing by the lake. The property also includes Wakanda Hill, where scenes from Black Panther and Infinity Wars were filmed. The only downside? Living like the billionaire philanthropist costs a chunk of change, with the property going for $800 per night (if you can even get a booking!). 


2. The Twilight House 

If you are a fan of the romantic vampire series, then this location is for you. Bella’s house from Twilight is real and located in St. Helens, Oregon. The house is filled to the brim with Twilight memorabilia, and even comes along with a few cardboard Edward Cullens lying around in the bedroom to watch you while you sleep! 


3. This "Saved By The Bell"-inspired Crib

Have you ever wanted to relive the '90s? If so, this is the stay for you! This home in Dallas, Texas, is an ode to both the decade and the sitcom "Saved By The Bell", with classic decor and pop culture easter eggs scattered across the house. With a VHS in the living room and a McDonald’s play structure out back, there is nostalgia for everyone. 


4. The Hobbit House

Calling all Tolkein fans! Are you ready to take on the journey back to the Shire? This cottage in Orondo, Washington, is built to mimic Bilbo Baggins’s iconic house in the Lord of The Rings series and is even crazier on the inside. With a mountain view through circular windows and a fireplace, feel free to spend a night or two curled up playing a game of chess on a tree-stump table. 


5. Hagrid’s Hut 

The Keeper of Keys' dwelling seems like an unusual place to turn into a rental property, but Potterheads will be sure to love this unique stay in Chickamauga, Georgia. The hut is set on a private 40-acre land space and is remote enough for visitors to feel like they are walking the grounds of Hogwarts to visit their favorite gamekeeper. There’s a mini-fridge stocked with butterbeer and Hagrid’s famous homemade cake waiting for every visitor that books a night here!