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Carey Mulligan learning to perfect spaghetti bolognese onstage

Actress Carey Mulligan is perfecting her Italian cooking skills during her Broadway run in Skylight because she has to stir up a spaghetti bolognese in character every night.

The Brit admits she's a terrible cook, but now she thinks she could attempt the popular pasta dish, which she creates "from scratch" onstage.

She says, "It's beef and tomatoes and a bit of sausage and, like, carrots and onions and celery."

But Mulligan doesn't actually eat what she cooks up onstage every night - because she doesn't want to get ill.

She adds, "I don't eat it, no - just in case I don't cook it properly and then I get sick. It's not worth it... The crew take it home."

During an appearance on Thursday's (26Mar15) The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the host requested a sample of the actress' onstage bolognese and has promised to review it on his show next week (beg30Mar15).

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