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Sam Smith releases video in support of gay marriage

British pop star Sam Smith has released a touching music video to support the legalisation of gay marriage across the world.

The Stay With Me hitmaker reveals he wanted to "make a statement" with the promo for Lay Me Down, which shows him marrying a man in a church surrounded by gleeful guests.

Smith, who is openly gay, insists the video is a depiction of his dream that gay marriage will one day be legalised and accepted globally.

In a post on Twitter.com, he writes, "Dear all, the Lay Me Down music video holds a very dear place in my heart. With this video... (I) have decided to make a statement and showcase something... (I) passionately believe in. This video shows my dreams that one day gay men and women and transgendered men and women all over the world, like all our straight families and friends, will be able to get married under any roof, in any city, in any town, in any village, in any country. I hope you enjoy it. I love you all."

Gay marriage was legalised in Smith's native Britain last year (14).

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