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Sam Claflin's kind words for co-star Emilia Clarke

Sam Claflin found Emilia Clarke a breeze to work with.

The Game of Thrones actress recently admitted to playing practical jokes on her Me Before You co-star, but that seems to be all part of the charm for British actor Sam.

In the movie, based on Jojo Moyes’ bestselling novel of the same name, Sam, 29, plays wheelchair bound quadriplegic Will, with 29-year-old Emilia starring as his unlikely carer Louisa.

“Chemistry is a very interesting word; it’s often used to describe a relationship between two actors or two characters in films. For me, it never felt like anything more than just normal getting to know somebody and getting on,” Sam smiled to Hey U Guys. “She was a breeze to work with, she was easy, and she was just a delight basically. She was very hardworking. We were fortunate enough to have three or four month’s preparation before we started filming, and from day one, even before we got to that stage, we’d auditioned and done a ‘chemistry’ read, if you will… it never felt like work.”

The movie had its London premiere on Wednesday night (25May16), and hits cinemas from 2 June 2016.

Sam’s positive experience with Emilia wasn’t out of the norm for the actor, who always finds he well on great with his co-stars.

“I feel like in my career thus far I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some great actresses and some great people and have always sort of found that when you get on, it’s fine,” he said. “You hear these horror stories about people who don’t get on during filming but no I’ve never had that experience.”

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