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Rihanna's worry over sick father

Rihanna was left frantic with worry earlier this month (Aug11) after her father was hospitalized with tropical disease dengue fever.

The Umbrella hitmaker, real name Robyn Fenty, visited her dad Ronald Fenty in their native Barbados in early August (11), but just days after the star's trip, her father fell ill.

Fenty was rushed to hospital where doctors diagnosed him with dengue fever - and he admits his health battle scared his daughter.

He tells Britain's The Sun, "It was horrible. I thought I was going to die. I was actually in a hospital ward that Robyn's friend worked in as a doctor. She offered me her BlackBerry to call Robyn.

"I called her and she was worried - she said, 'Daddy, what's wrong with you?' Luckily I pulled through after a scary few days."

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