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Rachel McAdams felt sorry for Sony boss in emails leak

Actress Rachel Mcadams felt sorry for a leading Sony Pictures executive whose emails were unveiled to the world, insisting everyone makes harsh comments in private notes.

Amy Pascal, the former co-chairman of the movie giant, hit headlines last year (14) when hackers broke in to the company's computer network and stole confidential documents.

Several emails sent by Pascal, revealing concerns over the script for McAdams' new comedy Aloha, were leaked online, but the actress is adamant she sympathises with the former movie mogul because the notes were never meant to be seen by a third party.

McAdams tells Britain's The Sunday Times Magazine, "I felt bad for her. (Her criticism was) just human nature - we shouldn't hear about it. We would all be grilled, skewered and charbroiled by the public if all of our emails were out there."

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