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Pharrell Williams moved by young cancer-stricken fan

Pharrell Williams was moved to tears after seeing his music's impact on a young cancer-stricken fan.

With the help of news show Entertainment Tonight, the Happy hitmaker recorded a special video message for 10-year-old Damon Billeck last year (14), as he offered encouragement and well-wishes to the young fan while he underwent treatment for osteosarcoma.

Billeck decided to pay tribute to his favorite artist by creating the "Happy Challenge", which called on people to dance for 30 seconds to the hitmaker's song in honor of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month last September (14).

In Billeck's response video, he said, "You told me that I would do great things and inspire other people... One day I would love to come up to you and give you a big hug and say thank you."

Billeck, who is now a spokesperson for pediatric cancer, clearly moved Williams as he watched the young fan's latest video, and he held back tears as he spoke to Entertainment Tonight reporter Brook Anderson on the set of The Voice, where he is a judge.

He said, "That's heavy. I'm appreciative. I'm so proud of him."

Williams then sent another video message to the fan and said, "Dearest Damon, I'm standing here with Blake (Shelton) and Brooke. Just saw your message. Holding back the tears and emotion. But it's not a sad thing. I'm excited for you, I'm thrilled for you.

"As long as you keep your eyes and your heart and your attention on that, you can persevere and push through and continue to be a shining example to other kids who might be afraid. Because you are very brave... We wish you all the best. Trust me, man, my heart is beating super fast, bro. God speed."

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