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Paris Hilton inspired by Madonna/Lisa Frank for new song & video

Paris Hilton was inspired by Madonna and kids designer Lisa Frank while creating the music and video concept for her new tune Come Alive.

The reality TV star-turned-DJ turned to Madonna for her sex appeal and Frank for the fairytale feel of the new song's promo.

She tells news show Hollywood Today Live, "Madonna has been an inspiration, ever since I was a little girl. Justify My Love is very sexy, and a very sexy song, and I wanted to be sexual and who better than Madonna to inspire me.

"The song is about love and magical creation. I wanted the video to be a fairytale, an ethereal fantasy world, I have a unicorn, rainbows and pink clouds. I was obsessed with Lisa Frank when growing up, so it's kinda like Lisa Frank grew up and went to (European party island) Ibiza."

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