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Angie Harmon granted long-term protective order against trespassing fan

Actress Angie Harmon has obtained a permanent protective order against an overzealous fan who has been accused of harassing her family.

Earlier this month (Jul14), Janice Lee Davis was ordered to stay away from the former Law & Order star and her kids amid allegations she had repeatedly trespassed on Harmon's Los Angeles property.

The actress claimed Davis would show up at her front gate every Thursday, pretend to be her landlady and demand rent from her. She managed to gain entry to the home on one recent occasion, but had left by the time police arrived on the scene.

Harmon appeared before a judge in a Santa Monica, California court on Tuesday (22Jul14) without a lawyer, and outlined her case to make the temporary ban permanent.

The judge approved her request, which protects the actress, her three children, a nanny and a family friend who is staying at the house. Her husband, former footballer Jason Sehorn, was not included in the order as he reportedly spends the majority of his time at the family's home on the East Coast, according to TMZ.com

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