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On The Road stars took back country road trips for film

Garrett Hedlund and his On The Road castmates enjoyed a road trip through America's past while making the movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic tale - so driving footage stayed true to the time of the story.

The drives director Walter Salles shot for the movie took a lot longer to film - because the cast and crew had to take the back roads from city to city.

Hedlund explains, "We had to take back roads everywhere because the sides of the roads are polluted with billboards and power lines and cars of this age, so, in order to get from Nashville to Memphis, it would take us, like, eight hours.

"Phoenix to Los Angeles took us 18 hours!"

But Hedlund, who portrays wild man Dean Moriarty in the film, wasn't complaining: "Not being in such a rush, we got to see some of the most beautiful lands that all the impatient people don't get to see these days and that was a benefit for us."

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