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North flushed Kanye West's early album raps down the toilet

Kanye West lost his early raps for The Life Of Pablo after his daughter North flushed his phone down the toilet.

Kim Kardashian revealed in January 2015 that Kanye was without a cell phone because their eldest, daughter North, had thrown it in the toilet, but she has now explained that contents of the phone were far more important than the device itself - it contained the raps and lyrics Kanye had been working on for his most recent album.

"Kanye had every single rap in his iPhone before he started really working on Pablo and then North flushed it down the toilet and they could not be retrieved," she says during a group chat with Kanye, her sister Khloe, model Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend during Wednesday's (20Apr16) episode of TV show Kocktails with Khloe.

Kim explained that they sent the device to four places to try and fix it, but "no Apple Genius was genius enough," Kanye, 38, added.

Kim also praised Kanye's handling of the situation, saying, "He didn't even get mad, I would have at least, like, screamed" while Chrissy states, "I would have cried."

During the episode, Kanye also revealed he bought his first phone in 2011 so he could tease Kim about her second husband Kris Humphries, and he also explained to Khloe in a later kitchen segment that he felt he could see the future, which is why he is so confident.

"It's like if someone can see a ghost or something and no-one believed them, it's like how I feel I can see the future," he said. "I can see a better future, I can see a better future for humanity, I can see like walls that (Kim's father) Robert Kardashian broke down, walls that you guys broke down and now walls that we're at."

Kim, 35, filed for divorce from Kris 72 days after their wedding in 2011, and married Kanye in 2014. Two-year-old North, is now older sister to Saint, who was born in December (15).

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