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Nikki Reed makes her own beauty products

Nikki Reed likes to make her own beauty products and swears by using oils as a moisturiser.

The Twilight actress prefers to use natural skincare products whenever possible and reveals she makes her own facial scrubs.

"I make a lot of my own face products, which sounds kind of kooky, but I’m a big believer in cleaning the skin, so I do a full cleanse every night, full washing, scrubbing," she told Pret-a-Reporter. "I make my own scrubs, I use sugar, sea salt, I put them in some oil. And I’m a big believer in using oils to moisturise the skin."

The brunette beauty admits in her everyday life she wears nothing on her face and leaves her hair natural and "frizzy". But the star, who is married to actor Ian Somerhalder, still has an appreciation for occasions which call for glamour and deems red carpet events as an opportunity to "play a character".

Despite her DIY approach to beauty products, the 27-year-old has collaborated with apothecary brand Kiehl's on their Creamy Eye Treatment. Nikki says that the proceeds of the sale of the product go towards Recycle Across America, an organization concerned with sustainability.

She adds the partnership was a natural choice as her goal is for recycling to become "second nature" for everyone.

"If there’s anything we should all take away from this it’s that recycling is single-handedly the most important and immediate thing you can do for the planet," she smiled.

As well as promoting Earth Day, Nikki has a sustainable handbag line and is also an animal welfare advocate.

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